Apply for Accreditation

For accreditation or re-accreditation applications contact Felicia Lembesis,

Please note that both accreditation applications must be completed all at one time; there is not an option to save and complete the form at a later time. Please make sure to gather all of the information needed prior to completing the application.

  1. Initial accreditation applications are accepted at any time and must be completed at the online application submission website.
    Payment for the initial accreditation fee cannot be accepted through the online submission website. Payment can be sent in via check.
    An invoice will be emailed to you once the application is processed and you may submit the invoice with credit card information.
  2. Prospective transplant nephrology fellowship programs should apply for accreditation at least one year prior to training a transplant nephrology fellow. Once approved, accreditation is effective for three years provided that the program complies with the program criteria and procedures.
  3. Every 3 years accredited programs must re-apply for accreditation. Transplant fellowship program directors will receive an email and a letter with instructions to submit the re-accreditation application and fee.
    Payment for the re-accreditation fee cannot be accepted through the online submission website. Payment can be made by credit card or check with the invoice that is emailed/mailed.
  4. Re-accreditation site visits are generally only required every six years, unless significant issues are reported or found.
  5. Any questions regarding the application process, should be directed to Felicia Lembesis at